Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ipoh Trip and Josephine's Wedding (29-31 August 2008)

We went to Ipoh to attend my sister's best friend wedding, Josephine on 29-31 August. We started our journey at 3 PM and reached Ipoh at 6.30 PM. Tiring journey but happy to spend my time with my family who came from Sarawak just to attend the wedding.

Pose with my Da Jie and MaMa in car.

MaMa + Miss PipO

Look at the the beautiful wedding photo

Having dinner at Restaurant Ong Kee (Tauge Ayam)

Miss PipO pelahap (too hungry that time)

Wah~~ :D~ This is what i call L.I.F.E.. yum yum~

Second day, Breakfast at Kopitiam Country Valentine

Da Jie giving warning not to eat too much, if not Miss PipO become Miss PigPork

White Coffee, MUST DRINK when at Ipoh

Special Breakfast

Helping Josephine counts the money

The night, Josephine'S BIG DAY

Sui Sui Sui~~ I mean the bride, LoL

In the restaurant



MooNkitty + Miss PipO

Group Photo Session

Dinner End, counting angpao lui. Seriousnye saye~~

Took as memories.. Miss PipO with make up

Look so NOOB here, LoL

Last day, woke up early at 5 AM.. very sleepy~~ =.=

Assistant angkat gaun ...hehe

At Ah Tiong's house

Drink drink while waiting to go to church

At Church

Wedding Car


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