Saturday, May 31, 2008

New MisS Pipo's Blog now is Launch!!

Well~ this is my new BLOG aka my study room. Do not hesitate to follow up my blog if anyone of you wanna getting know more about me. It's gonna will be a simple blog about my life, my families, and etc. Do not criticize my english grammar (as long viewer can understand, :p hehe). Sometimes i will write the blog in chinese too. Last, if got any comments, questions or some advises, please drop your comment and i will reply.


azreenChan said...

first launching party~!!
u buat blog, vshan pun kate nk buat blog. shahrul pn same. baru la bestt~

miSS_PipO said...

kuat juga pengaruh i..haha. sama-sama buat blog..kongsi-kongsi baru best la..muahaha

vshanu said...

betul betul...hehehe